Gastroschisis: international epidemiology and public health perspectives.

  title={Gastroschisis: international epidemiology and public health perspectives.},
  author={Eduardo Enrique Castilla and Pierpaolo Mastroiacovo and I{\^e}da M Orioli},
  journal={American journal of medical genetics. Part C, Seminars in medical genetics},
  volume={148C 3},
Gastroschisis offers the intriguing epidemiological situation of a pandemic, strongly associated with very low maternal age. Identifying gastroschisis, and distinguishing it from the other abdominal wall defects, is theoretically easy but difficult in practice. The baseline birth prevalence of gastroschisis before the pandemic was approximately 1 in 50,000 births and has increased since between 10- and 20-fold. In many populations worldwide, it is still increasing. Such increasing prevalence… CONTINUE READING
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