Gastroprotection induced by capsaicin in healthy human subjects.

  title={Gastroprotection induced by capsaicin in healthy human subjects.},
  author={Gyula M{\'o}zsik and J{\'a}nos Szolcs{\'a}nyi and Istv{\'a}n R{\'a}cz},
  journal={World journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={11 33},
AIM To evaluate the gastro-protective effect of capsaicin against the ethanol- and indomethacin (IND)-induced gastric mucosal damage in healthy human subjects. METHODS The effects of small doses (1-8 microg/mL, 100 mL) of capsaicin on the gastric acid secretion basal acid output (BAO) and its electrolyte concentration, gastric transmucosal potential difference (GTPD), ethanol- (5 mL 300 mL/L i.g.) and IND- (3x25 mg/d) induced gastric mucosal damage were tested in a randomized, prospective… CONTINUE READING