Gastrointestinal phytobezoars in childhood.

  title={Gastrointestinal phytobezoars in childhood.},
  author={S. O. Choi and Jae Seong Kang},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={23 4},
We reviewed 33 children under the age of 15 with gastrointestinal phytobezoars. Twenty were boys and 13 were girls. Nearly all patients were observed in late fall and winter. In 22 patients, symptoms developed following ingestion of several ripe or dried persimmons with seeds but none had a history of unripe persimmon ingestion. All patients but three underwent enterotomy, gastrotomy, or enterotomy combined with gastrotomy for bezoar removal. The remaining three had small bowel resection due to… CONTINUE READING

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