Gastrointestinal follicular lymphoma: review of the literature

  title={Gastrointestinal follicular lymphoma: review of the literature},
  author={Shuji Yamamoto and Hiroshi Nakase and Kouhei Yamashita and Minoru Matsuura and Mariko Takada and Chiharu Kawanami and Tsutomu Chiba},
  journal={Journal of Gastroenterology},
Gastrointestinal follicular lymphoma (GI-FL) is a relatively rare disease, accounting for only 1%-3.6% of gastrointestinal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Although the duodenum and terminal ileum are considered to be the most common sites of origin, the development of wireless capsule endoscopy and double-balloon enteroscopy has increased the detection of GI-FL in every part of the small intestine. Approximately 70% of patients with GI-FL are estimated to have multiple lesions throughout the entire… CONTINUE READING