Gastrointestinal disorders in anaphylaxis.


We report two rare cases complicated by gastrointestinal mucosal disorders, including peptic ulcer and ischemic colitis. Anaphylaxis was induced by cefaclor in case 1 and by pranoprofen in case 2. These two patients developed epigastric or lower abdominal pain about 10 hours after the onset of anaphylaxis. Gastroduodenoscopy revealed severe ulcers in the… (More)


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@article{Shirai2007GastrointestinalDI, title={Gastrointestinal disorders in anaphylaxis.}, author={Toshihiro Shirai and Masashi Mori and Takahiro Uotani and Kingo Chida}, journal={Internal medicine}, year={2007}, volume={46 6}, pages={315-6} }