Gastrointestinal apudosis in obese hyperglycaemic mice.

  title={Gastrointestinal apudosis in obese hyperglycaemic mice.},
  author={Julia M P Polak and Anthony G. E. Pearse and Lars Grimelius and Vincent Marks},
  journal={Virchows Archiv. B, Cell pathology},
  volume={19 2},
Quantitative histological and immunocytochemical studies have been carried out on the endocrine cells of the gastrointestinal tract in genetically obese mice and their heterozygous (lean) litter mates. In the ob/ob mice hyperplasia of most of the endocrine (APUD) cells of the gut was found, a condition which can be described as apudosis. Quantitative histology of silver-stained preparations, using a method which demonstrates the majority of endocrine cells, showed a significant degree of… CONTINUE READING