Gastrocnemius myoelectric control of a robotic hip exoskeleton

  title={Gastrocnemius myoelectric control of a robotic hip exoskeleton},
  author={Lorenzo Grazi and Simona Crea and Andrea Parri and Tingfang Yan and Mario Cortese and Francesco Giovacchini and Marco Cempini and Guido Pasquini and Silvestro Micera and Nicola Vitiello},
  journal={2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)},
In this paper we present a novel EMG-based assistive control strategy for lower-limb exoskeletons. An active pelvis orthosis (APO) generates torque profiles for the hip flexion motion assistance, according to the Gastrocnemius Medialis EMG signal. The strategy has been tested on one healthy subject: experimental results show that the user is able to reduce his muscular activation when the assistance is switched on with respect to the free walking condition.