Gastro-intestinal parasites of feral cats in New South Wales.

  title={Gastro-intestinal parasites of feral cats in New South Wales.},
  author={Gail E. Ryan},
  journal={Australian veterinary journal},
  volume={52 5},
A total of 146 feral cats from several localities in New South Wales were examined for the presence of gastro-intestinal parasites. The cestodes recorded, and their prevalence, were Taenia taeniaeformis (21.9%), Spirometra erinacei (61.0%) and Dipylidium caninum (11.6%). One animal contained 31 T. serialis scolices considered to be the contents of a recently ingested Coenurus serialis. The common nematodes encountered and their prevalence were Toxocara cati (21.9%) and Ancylostoma spp (23.3… CONTINUE READING