Gastro-esophago-pharyngeal reflux.

  title={Gastro-esophago-pharyngeal reflux.},
  author={P L Chodosh},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={87 9 Pt 1},
Reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus, pharynx, and larynx does occur. This phenomenon can produce hoarseness, globus, dysphagia, otalgia and laryngospasm. It may be responsible for the appearance of contact granulomata, esophageal webs, and pachyderma. The key to reflux is the lower esophageal sphincter and the nature of the stomach contents. Multiple factors may be influential including those conditions causing aerophagia. The diagnosis of reflux depends on a high index of suspicion… CONTINUE READING

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