Gastrin-releasing peptide: in vivo and in vitro growth effects on an acinar pancreatic carcinoma.

  title={Gastrin-releasing peptide: in vivo and in vitro growth effects on an acinar pancreatic carcinoma.},
  author={Amor Hajri and G. P. Balboni and Matthias K{\"o}nig and J. Cl. Garaud and Christiane Damg{\'e}},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={52 13},
The mammalian gastrin-releasing-peptide (GRP) and its structural amphibian analogue, bombesin, are known to be trophic factors for the normal exocrine pancreas. This work investigates the possible role of GRP in the growth of an acinar pancreatic cancer transplanted to the rat and in primary tumor cell cultures. Moreover, this adenocarcinoma was tested for its content of specific bombesin/GRP receptors by using autoradiographic technics and in vitro binding assays with tumor cells. In Lewis… CONTINUE READING
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