Gastrin release by bombesin in the dog.

  title={Gastrin release by bombesin in the dog.},
  author={Giulio Bertaccini and Vittorio Erspamer and Pietro Melchiorri and N. Sopranzi},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={52 2},
1 The intravenous infusion of bombesin produced in intact dogs and, more strikingly in dogs provided with gastric fistulae a sharp increase in plasma levels of immunoreactive gastrin and at the same time a stimulation of gastric acid secretion. Gastrin response was correlated with the dose of bombesin from approximately 0.1 mug kg(-1) h(-1) (threshold) to 1 mug kg(-1) h(-1) (maximum gastrin release).2 Atropine and metiamide reduced or inhibited gastric acid secretion stimulated by bombesin, but… CONTINUE READING