Gastric surgery for morbid obesity. The Adelaide Study.

  title={Gastric surgery for morbid obesity. The Adelaide Study.},
  author={John v. Hall and James M. Watts and Paul E O'Brien and Robert Dunstan and Joan F. Walsh and Anthony Slavotinek and R G Elmslie},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={211 4},
The efficacy of three gastric restriction operations were compared in a prospective randomized study of 310 morbidly obese subjects. The median patient age was 34 years (range, 18 to 62 years). They were predominantly female (13:1) and had a median pre-operative weight that was 198% of their ideal weight (range, 160% to 318%). There was an equitable dispersion of perceived risk factors between the groups under study and there were no deaths during the perioperative period. Compliance with… CONTINUE READING

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