Gastric polypectomy. Long-term results (survey of 23 centres in Germany).

  title={Gastric polypectomy. Long-term results (survey of 23 centres in Germany).},
  author={Erwin Seifert and Katherine Gail and Joseph Weism{\"u}ller},
  volume={15 1},
In a survey of 23 endoscopy centres in the Federal Republic of Germany 6,182 cases are reported in which gastric polypectomies were performed. 1,177 patients were observed over a period of up to 7 years. Primary benign gastric polyps recurred in 6.1% most of them within 1 year after polypectomy, and genuinely recurrent polyps usually had a histological pattern identical to that of the ectomized polyps. In 32.5% new polyps occurred at different locations in the stomach, and most of them… CONTINUE READING

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Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine • 2008

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