Gastric nematodes of the Paraguayan caiman, Caiman yacare (Alligatoridae).

  title={Gastric nematodes of the Paraguayan caiman, Caiman yacare (Alligatoridae).},
  author={Stephen R. Goldberg and Charles R. Bursey and A L Aquino-Shuster},
  journal={The Journal of parasitology},
  volume={77 6},
Examination of the stomach contents of 115 Caiman yacare Daudin, 1802, from Paraguay revealed the presence of the nematodes Brevimulticaecum baylisi (Travassos, 1933), Brevimulticaecum stekhoveni (Baylis, 1947), Contracaecum sp. of Railliet and Henry, 1912, Dujardinascaris paulista (Travassos, 1933), Eustrongylides sp. of Jagerskiold, 1909, Micropleura vazi Travassos, 1933, and Ortleppascaris alata (Baylis, 1947). Nematode prevalence was 28%; greatest species prevalence (14%) was found for B… CONTINUE READING

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