Gastric mucosal protection and central nervous system.

  title={Gastric mucosal protection and central nervous system.},
  author={Kl{\'a}ra Gyires and J{\'o}zsef N{\'e}meth and Zolt{\'a}n S Z{\'a}dori},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={19 1},
Several human and experimental data suggest the particular importance of gastric protective processes in maintaining mucosal integrity. Both peripheral and central mechanisms are involved in this process. In the periphery, pre-epithelial mucus-bicarbonate layer, mucus, phospholipids, trefoil peptides, prostaglandins, heat shock proteins, sensory neuropeptides, nitric oxide, and hydrogen sulfide may mediate mucosal protection. In the central nervous system hypothalamus and dorsal vagal complex… CONTINUE READING