Gastric emptying in patients with diabetes mellitus.

  title={Gastric emptying in patients with diabetes mellitus.},
  author={Fons A. J. van de Loo and Donald W. Palmer and Konrad H. Soergel and John H. Kalbfleisch and Chris M Wood},
  volume={86 3},
We evaluated whether chronic nausea and vomiting in diabetic patients correlate with abnormal gastric emptying of liquid or solid, or both liquid and solid, radiolabeled meals and recorded the acute effects of metoclopramide. last, we compared several methods of analyzing gastric emptying data obtained using the gamma-camera. Eighteen healthy control subjects and 16 insulin-dependent diabetics with neuropathy were investigated. Ten of the patients suffered from chronic nausea and vomiting; the… CONTINUE READING
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