Gastric carcinoma in northwestern Turkey: epidemiologic characteristics.

  title={Gastric carcinoma in northwestern Turkey: epidemiologic characteristics.},
  author={Faruk Memik and Selim Giray Nak and Macit Gulten and Mustafa Ozturk},
  journal={Journal of environmental pathology, toxicology and oncology : official organ of the International Society for Environmental Toxicology and Cancer},
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We studied 252 newly diagnosed gastric cancer patients seen at our institution between 1977 and 1991 and compared the findings with 609 age- and gender-matched controls. There was no difference in the mean age and the M:F ratio. Most of our patients were rural dwellers from a low socio-economic group. The proximal portion of the stomach was most often involved. No statistically significant differences were found with regard to the use of coffee, alcohol, starchy food, and fresh fruits. The… CONTINUE READING