Gastric-and-intestinal mixed endocrine cell phenotypic expression of carcinoid tumors in the rectum.

  title={Gastric-and-intestinal mixed endocrine cell phenotypic expression of carcinoid tumors in the rectum.},
  author={Yoshikazu Hirata and Tsutomu Mizoshita and Takashi Mizushima and Takaya Shimura and Yoshinori Mori and Eiji Kubota and Tsuneya Wada and Naotaka Ogasawara and Satoshi Tanida and Hiromi Kataoka and Makoto Sasaki and Takeshi Kamiya and Tetsuya Tsukamoto and Masae Tatematsu and Takashi Joh},
  journal={Oncology reports},
  volume={21 1},
We have previously demonstrated that gastric and intestinal endocrine cell (End-cell) marker expression is important for assessment of the histogenesis of endocrine cell tumors. However, the End-cell phenotypes of carcinoid tumors in the rectum remain largely unclear. We therefore examined marker expression of rectal carcinoid tumors. We evaluated 20 rectal carcinoid tumors (as well as 8 from the stomach for comparison) phenotypically, using gastrin, gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) and… CONTINUE READING


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