Gaspirali v. Il'minskii: Two identity projects for the muslims of the Russian Empire

  title={Gaspirali v. Il'minskii: Two identity projects for the muslims of the Russian Empire},
  author={M. Tuna},
  journal={Nationalities Papers},
  pages={265 - 289}
  • M. Tuna
  • Published 2002
  • Political Science
  • Nationalities Papers
ISSN 0090-5992 print; ISSN 1465-3923 online/02/020265-25 © 2002 Association for the Study of Nationalities DOI: 10.1080/00905990220140658 In 1913, an article in a Russian missionary journal compared two “very typical representatives” of Islamic studies in Russia: I·smail Bey Gasp o ral o (1851–1914) and Nikolai Ivanovich Il’minskii (1822–1891). Nothing could better symbolize the two opposing points of view about the past, present and future of the Muslims of Russia in 1913. Il’minskii was a… Expand
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