Gasoline vapors induce severe rhabdomyolysis.

  title={Gasoline vapors induce severe rhabdomyolysis.},
  author={Martin Anetseder and Edgar Hartung and Steven Klepper and Heinz Reichmann},
  volume={44 12},
A young patient developed rhabdomyolysis after accidentally inhaling gasoline vapors. Although there had been no preexistent myopathy, the caffeine and halothane contracture test classified the patient as being malignant hyperthermia-susceptible (MHS). Abnormal contractures also occurred after exposure of muscle bundles to benzine (at 0.01%); in four control tests, benzine-induced contractures (at 0.1%) could be elicited in MHS, but not in normal, muscles. The complex composition of benzine… CONTINUE READING


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