Gaslighting: A marital syndrome

  title={Gaslighting: A marital syndrome},
  author={Gertrude Zemon Gass and William C. Nichols},
  journal={Contemporary Family Therapy},
This paper is concerned with certain male behaviors during and after their extramarital affairs and the impact of those behaviors and associated attitudes on the men's spouses. The observations cited here are drawn from clinical samples but seemingly have some features in common with what appears in nonclinical populations as well. Not only the husbands but also male therapists may contribute to the women's distress through mislabeling the women's reactions and through continuation of certain… 

Spousal Disclosure of Extramarital Relationships: Attitudes of Marriage and Family Therapists

This article presents attitudes of clinical members of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (N = 332) toward spousal disclosure of extramarital relationships. A survey was

Risk Factors Associated with Women’s Marital Infidelity

This study used a qualitative approach to explore the complexity of marital infidelity and understand issues within the marriage that could increase the risk of having a marital affair.

Extramarital Affairs And Constructed Meanings: A Social Constructionist Therapeutic Approach

Abstract It is estimated that 50-66% of married men and 45-55% of married women engage in extramarital sex (EMS) at some time during their marriage, and almost half come to therapy because of it. The

Dating relationships and infidelity: attitudes and behaviors.

It is found that marital infidelity is significantly more unacceptable than dating infidelity and self-esteem was not found to be a significant factor in whether a person remained in a current relationship in which the partner had been unfaithful.

Helping Couples Recover from Affairs

Couples dealing with infidelity are a large part of my practice. Typical presenting issues include: one partner has discovered a suggestive email or text the other forgot to close or delete; a person

Uncovering Secret Extramarital Affairs in Marriage Counseling

The extramarital sexual underground is defined by its prevalence and by its secret nature, even to the degree that marriage counselors may not be informed that an extramarital affair has occurred or

Internet Infidelity: Double Standards and the Differing Views of Women and Men

This exploratory study analyzed which types of acts involving the Internet are considered most severe, sex differences in the perceptions of infidelity, and the evaluation of infidelity when one

Attachment Style and Gender as Predictors of Communicative Responses to Infidelity

This study set out to determine one's communicative responses to infidelity as predicted by attachment style and gender. Three hundred ninety-two participants responded to a measure of attachment and

How Bad Is It? Perceptions of the Relationship Impact of Different Types of Internet Sexual Activities

Internet sex has become a ubiquitous phenomenon that is affecting couples and families. Eight scenarios (from visiting various adult web sites to having sex) involving a male or female character in a

Analyzing Domestic Violence Behaviors in Their Contexts: Violence as a Continuation of Social Strategies by other Means

Behaviors occurring in situations of domestic violence were collated from varied sources and analyzed in several ways, using a sort of backwards engineering of contexts. The many behaviors found in



Mental Illness and Psychiatric Treatment Among Women

Therapists who treat women whose mental illness is in part a response to the characteristics of conventional sex roles have no treatment alternatives that are not in some way problematic.

Women and Psychotherapy

The current wave of feminism in the United States, which has grown out of the civil rights movement of the '60s, has had a major impact on the psychotherapy of women. Large numbers of women in the

Toward a new psychology of women

In this revised second edition, Dr Jean Baker Miller expands on her reflections on women and their future in the world. In particular, she supplies a commentary on the developments and changes

The interpersonal theory of psychiatry

This book contains the fullest statement of Sullivan's developmental approach to psychiatry, showing in detail how Sullivan traced from early infancy to adulthood the formation of the person, opening

In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women''s

Introduction 1. Woman's Place in Man's Life Cycle 2. Images of Relationship 3. Concepts of Self and Morality 4. Crisis and Transition 5. Women's Rights and Women's Judgment 6. Visions of Maturity

The Dyadic Trust Scale: Toward Understanding Interpersonal Trust in Close Relationships.

Interpersonal trust is an aspect of close relationships which has been virtually ignored in social scientific research despite its importance as perceived by intimate partners and several family

The myth of women's masochism.

  • P. Caplan
  • Psychology, History
    The American psychologist
  • 1984

Therapists: Their Attitudes and Information About Women

The Therapists’ Information About Women Scale (TIWS) and Therapists’ Attitude Toward Women Scale (TAWS) are presented. Results from a sample of 184 therapists (social workers, psychiatrists, and