Gasification of Microalgae Using Supercritical Water and the Potential of Effluent Recycling

  title={Gasification of Microalgae Using Supercritical Water and the Potential of Effluent Recycling},
  author={Sherif Elsayed and Nikolaos Boukis and Dominik J. Patzelt and Stefan Hindersin and Martin Kerner and J{\"o}rg Sauer},
  journal={Chemical Engineering \& Technology},
The gasification of microalgae in supercritical water was investigated in this work. The product gas contained mainly H2, CO2, CH4, and C2H6. Operation at high temperatures and lower biomass concentrations resulted in the highest carbon gasification efficiency and the lowest total organic carbon levels in the residual water. Due to its content of inorganic nutrients, the residual water was applied as cultivation medium for microalgae. However, algal growth in the untreated residual water was… 
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