Gaseous reaction mechanism between two H(2)CN radicals.


The self-recombination of the methylene amidogen radical (H(2)CN) is known to be fast and should play an important role in determining the concentration of H(2)CN radicals in both combustion and astrophysical processes. The rate constants of H(2)CN + H(2)CN have been determined by previous experiments, whereas its detailed evolution process and product… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/b821974e


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@article{Pang2009GaseousRM, title={Gaseous reaction mechanism between two H(2)CN radicals.}, author={Jing-lin Pang and Hong-Bin Xie and Shao-Wen Zhang and Yi-hong Ding and Ao-Qing Tang}, journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP}, year={2009}, volume={11 21}, pages={4326-34} }