Gas phase measurements of pyruvic acid and its volatile metabolites.

  title={Gas phase measurements of pyruvic acid and its volatile metabolites.},
  author={Kolby J. Jardine and Evan D. Sommer and Scott R. Saleska and Travis E. Huxman and Peter C. Harley and Leif Abrell},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={44 7},
Pyruvic acid, central to leaf carbon metabolism, is a precursor of many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that impact air quality and climate. Although the pathways involved in the production of isoprenoids are well-known, those of several oxygenated VOCs remain uncertain. We present concentration and flux measurements of pyruvic acid and other VOCs within the tropical rainforest (TRF) biome at Biosphere 2. Pyruvic acid concentrations varied diurnally with midday maxima up to 15 ppbv, perhaps… CONTINUE READING


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