Gas-phase complexation of polyethers with halide ions.

  title={Gas-phase complexation of polyethers with halide ions.},
  author={C C Liou and Jennifer S Brodbelt},
  journal={Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry},
  volume={4 3},
Gas-phase complexes of halide anions with a variety of crown ethers and acyclic analogs are formed by ion-molecule reactions in the chemical ionization source of a triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer. The ether complexes of iodide, bromide, and chloride dissociate on collisional activation by cleavage of the halide-ether electrostatic hydrogen bonds, resulting in the formation of bare halide anions. By contrast, the fluoride complexes dissociate by loss of HF, which may occur in conjunction or… CONTINUE READING
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