Gas fIIIed lipid bilayers as imaging contrast agents

  title={Gas fIIIed lipid bilayers as imaging contrast agents},
  author={Evan C Unger and Thomas Albert Fritz and De Kang Shen and Pamela J. Lund and David J. Sahn and Rajan Ramaswami and Terry Onichi Matsunaga and David Yellowhair and Brenda Kulik},
AbstractGas bubbles are highly efficient reflectors of sound and are therefore useful as contrast agents for diagnostic ultrasound. In general, in order to pass through the pulmonary circulation and provide contrast for the systemic circulation the gas bubbles must be of defined diameter and stabilized by a coating material. Our group has developed gas bubbles which are stabilized within lipid bilayers. These bubbles may be formed with stable size and gas content. In vivo studies in rabbit and… CONTINUE READING


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