Gas exchange abnormalities after pneumonectomy in conditioned foxhounds.

  title={Gas exchange abnormalities after pneumonectomy in conditioned foxhounds.},
  author={Connie C W Hsia and J I Carlin and Peter D. Wagner and Sharon S. Cassidy and Robert L. Johnson},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={68 1},
Loss of a major portion of lung tissue has been associated with impaired exercise capacity, but the underlying mechanisms are not well defined. We studied the alterations in gas exchange during exercise before and after left pneumonectomy in three conditioned foxhounds. After pneumonectomy, minute ventilation and O2 consumption at comparable submaximal work loads were unchanged but arterial PCO2 at any work load was higher, implying that ventilatory response to CO2 was impaired. Arterial… CONTINUE READING
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