Gas embolism: pathophysiology and treatment

  title={Gas embolism: pathophysiology and treatment},
  author={Robert A. Hulst and J. Klein and B. Lachmann},
  journal={Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging},
  • Robert A. Hulst, J. Klein, B. Lachmann
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine
  • Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging
  • Based on a literature search, an overview is presented of the pathophysiology of venous and arterial gas embolism in the experimental and clinical environment, as well as the relevance and aims of diagnostics and treatment of gas embolism. The review starts with a few historical observations and then addresses venous air embolism by discussing pulmonary vascular filtration, entrapment, and the clinical occurrence of venous air emboli. The section on arterial gas embolism deals with the main… CONTINUE READING
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