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Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometric characterization of Curcuma longa: Protection against pathogenic microbes and lipid peroxidation in rat's tissue homogenate.

  title={Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometric characterization of Curcuma longa: Protection against pathogenic microbes and lipid peroxidation in rat's tissue homogenate.},
  author={Waseem Hassan and Shehnaz Gul and Shakilla Rehman and Farina Kanwal and Muhammad Siddique Afridi and Hina Fazal and Ziarat Shah and Ataur Rahman and Joao Batista Teixeira da Rocha},
  journal={Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences},
  volume={29 2},
The present study was designed to investigate the mineral content and antimicrobial activity of Curcuma Longa extracts and its essential oil. We also determined the lipid peroxidation inhibition activity of the ethanolic extract against sodium nitroprusside (SNP) induced thiobarbituric acid reactive species (TBARS) formation in rat's brain, kidney and liver homogenates. Major constituents of essential oil identified by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GCMS) were beta-sesquiphellandrene… 
Chemometrics Application for Grouping and Determinating Volatile Compound which related to Antioxidant Activity of Turmeric Essential Oil (Curcuma longa L)
Turmeric essential oil is known to have antioxidant activity. Various in vitro antioxidantactivity assays has been carried out. Related to this research, it tries to examine the antioxidantpotential
Hypoglycemic and antioxidant effects of five commercial turmeric (Curcuma longa) supplements.
It is suggested that the hypoglycemic and antioxidant effects of five commercial turmeric supplements vary among them, and the information provided would be useful to physicians and individuals using these supplements.
Curcuma longa L. (turmeric), Rosmarinus officinalis L. (rosemary), and Thymus vulgaris L. (thyme) extracts aid murine macrophages (RAW 264.7) to fight Streptococcus mutans during in vitro infection
The evaluated extracts demonstrated an effective action to assist RAW 264.7 to fight S. mutans during infection, as observed by a significant bacterial reduction and significant cell viability was also found.
Nutritional value, phytochemical composition, and biological activities of edible Curcuma species: A review
The literature pertaining to the nutritional values, bioactive compounds, as well as the biological activities of 16 edible Curcuma species are summarized to open future perspectives for investigations related to their possible use as functional foods and in pharmaceutical applications.
The essential oil of Curcuma longa rhizomes as an antimicrobial and its composition by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Objetivo Este trabalho teve como objetivo determinar a composicao e avaliar as atividades antimicrobiana e hemolitica do oleo essencial de rizomas da Curcuma longa L. Metodos A extracao do oleo
Differential efficacies of marigold leaves and turmeric paste on the healing of the incised wound in sheep
Marigold leaf paste showed less tissue reaction and healed the wounds effectively, thus, this paste could be used for the treatment of superficial wounds in sheep.
Curcuma longa L. extract improves the cortical neural connectivity during the aging process
  • G. Flores
  • Biology
    Neural regeneration research
  • 2017
The synaptic changes caused by the aging process and the neuroprotective role the Curcuma has through its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-apoptotic actions are discussed.