Gas chromatographic analysis of acetophenone oxime and its metabolites.


A gas-liquid chromatographic (GLC) method has been developed for monitoring the metabolic reduction of acetophenone oxime or oxidative metabolism of the corresponding amine, alpha-methylbenzylamine in liver homogenates. The oxime, amine, n-hydroxy-alpha-methylbenzylamine and acetophenone are quantitatively determined after GLC separation of components with temperature programming on an SP-2401-DB-coated column. The first three compounds were silylated with N,O-bis(trimethylsilyl)-acetamide prior to chromatographic analysis to enhance the stability and improve the chromatographic properties of these components. The effluent gas was monitored with flame ionization detection, and permitted quantitation of components at sub-microgram/ml levels with reproducibility between injections of +/-2%. The optimal composition of enantiomeric mixtures of (R,S)-alpha-methylbenzylamines formed during metabolic reduction of acetophenone oximes were determined by conversion to diastereomeric amides and subsequent GLC analysis.

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