Gas and Dust in the Cloverleaf Quasar at Redshift 2

  title={Gas and Dust in the Cloverleaf Quasar at Redshift 2},
  author={Axel Wei\ss and Christian Henkel and Dennis Downes and Fabian Walter},
We observed the upper fine structure line of neutral carbon, C I(3P2 → 3P1) (νrest = 809 GHz), the CO(J=3→2) line (νrest = 345 GHz) and the 1.2 mm continuum emission from H1413+117 (Cloverleaf quasar, z = 2.5) using the IRAM interferometer. Together with the detection of the lower fine structure line (Barvainis et al. 1997), the Cloverleaf quasar is now only the second extragalactic system, besides M82, where both carbon lines have convincingly been detected. Our analysis shows that the carbon… CONTINUE READING

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