Gas-Phase Acidities of Phosphorylated Amino Acids.

  title={Gas-Phase Acidities of Phosphorylated Amino Acids.},
  author={Michele L Stover and Chelsea E Plummer and Sean R Miller and Carolyn J Cassady and David A. Dixon},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={119 46},
Gas-phase acidities and heats of formation have been predicted at the G3(MP2)/SCRF-COSMO level of theory for 10 phosphorylated amino acids and their corresponding amides, including phospho-serine (pSer), -threonine (pThr), and -tyrosine (pTyr), providing the first reliable set of these values. The gas-phase acidities (GAs) of the three named phosphorylated… CONTINUE READING