Garbage monitoring system using IoT

  title={Garbage monitoring system using IoT},
  author={A. Anitha},
Nowadays certain actions are taken to improve the level of cleanliness in the country. People are getting more active in doing all the things possible to clean their surroundings. Various movements are also started by the government to increase cleanliness. We will try to build a system which will notify the corporations to empty the bin on time. In this system, we will put a sensor on top of the garbage bin which will detect the total level of garbage inside it according to the total size of… Expand
IoT based smart garbage collection system and alert system
A smart garbage truck collecting/tracking system which is run with the help of ESP8266 and the real-time truck data is sent to the Government accessible by an MIT app through FIREBASE database system and UBIDOTS is used to monitor the garbage level within the truck. Expand
Smart Garbage Monitoring System: Review
Waste management is a big issue in the world. Many countries provide different methods for garbage management and maintain cleanliness of surroundings. In India there is improper waste management andExpand
IOT Based Smart Garbage Monitoring System MS
Waste management is one of the primary problems faced in India irrespective of the case of developed or developing regions. The key issue in the waste management is that the garbage bins at publicExpand
Garbage Management using Internet of Things
Smart city is another powerful application of IOT generating curiosity among world's population not only to keep our city clean and neat but also to decreased the griminess, nastiness produced by theExpand
Implementation of IoT for Trash Monitoring System
This system can help to create a green environment through monitoring and managing and variety of trash within a smartly way with Internet-of-Things. Expand
Sensor Based Waste Management System: A Review
A smart and sensor based waste management system that will sense the garbage level and when it crosses over 80%, it will send notification through GSM module to the authorized person with the help of Android app. Expand
IoT based Trash Can Monitoring System for Smart Garden Cleanliness
The results of this work show that the IoT based Trash Can Monitoring System designed works well, with 100% success rate and all data can be sent to Thingspeak without any error. Expand
AIoT-Based Smart Bin for Real-Time Monitoring and Management of Solid Waste
A smart bin mechanism (SBM) for smart cities is proposed in this paper, which is based on Artificial Intelligent ofings (AIoT), which reduces the labor cost and saves time and energy of the system. Expand
This paper presents a solution, in which waste management is automated, which includes the Atmega328 used for timing and controlling the opening and closing the lid of waste bin automatically, the microcontroller which is used alongside with the ultrasonic sensor and a dc motor to achieve an automatic opening of the lid. Expand
Internet of Things (IoT) Communication for Refuse Monitoring System
The solution adopts an innovative approach by the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to implement a smart refuse (garbage) monitoring system that will tackle challenges of untimely and inefficient waste management by designated agencies. Expand


IoT based Smart Garbage and Waste Collection Bin
A framework which will have fundamental sensor like IR sensor to identify the measure of junk canister filled and discharge flag to the line following bot to gather the effectively isolated fluid and strong waste to make the encompassing a cleaner put. Expand
Internet of Things for Smart Cities
: The Internet of Things (IoT) shall be able to incorporate transparently and seamlessly a large number of different and heterogeneous end systems, while providing open access to selected subsets ofExpand
Waste Management as an IoT-Enabled Service in Smart Cities
An advanced Decision Support System (DSS) for efficient waste collection in Smart Cities is proposed that incorporates a model for data sharing between truck drivers on real time in order to perform waste collection and dynamic route optimization. Expand
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