Gaplek, Tiwul and Gatot as Staple Food in Javanese Barren Area

  title={Gaplek, Tiwul and Gatot as Staple Food in Javanese Barren Area},
  author={C. Jesica},
Javanese’s food consumption also affected by the ar a’s characteristic. In some barren areas, such as Gunung Kidul, Trenggalek, and Wonogiri, Javanese peo ple tend to consume cassava as their staple food. T hey turn the cassava into gaplek by drying the cassava under the sun, so the cassava can be stored and can be used in famine time. Javanese culture also influenced the way of gaplek c onsumption. Gaplek can be processed into tiwul and g atot. Tiwul made from chopped white gaplek that steamed… Expand

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