Gap junction systems in the mammalian cochlea.

  title={Gap junction systems in the mammalian cochlea.},
  author={Toshihiko Kikuchi and Robert S. Kimura and David L. Paul and Tomonori Takasaka and Joe C. Adams},
  journal={Brain research. Brain research reviews},
  volume={32 1},
Recent findings that a high proportion of non-syndromic hereditary sensorineural hearing loss is due to mutations in the gene for connexin 26 indicate the crucial role that the gene product plays for normal functioning of the cochlea. Excluding sensory cells, most cells in the cochlea are connected via gap junctions and these gap junctions appear to play critical roles in cochlear ion homeostasis. Connexin 26 occurs in gap junctions connecting all cell classes in the cochlea. There are two… CONTINUE READING
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