Gap-junction-mediated cell-to-cell communication

  title={Gap-junction-mediated cell-to-cell communication},
  author={Jean-Claude Herv{\'e} and Mickaël Derangeon},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
Cells of multicellular organisms need to communicate with each other and have evolved various mechanisms for this purpose, the most direct and quickest of which is through channels that directly connect the cytoplasms of adjacent cells. Such intercellular channels span the two plasma membranes and the intercellular space and result from the docking of two hemichannels. These channels are densely packed into plasma-membrane spatial microdomains termed “gap junctions” and allow cells to exchange… 

Cell-to-cell communication: current views and future perspectives

This Special Issue represents a sample of various areas related to cell-to-cell interactions and in which significant advances have led to new concepts of cell–cell communication.