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Ganophyllite and Zincian Amphibole from Franklin Furnace, New Jersey.

  title={Ganophyllite and Zincian Amphibole from Franklin Furnace, New Jersey.},
  author={W. F. Foshag},
  journal={American Mineralogist},
The mineral ganophyllite was first described by Axel Hambergl from Pajsberg, Sweden, associated with caryopilite, barite, lead, rhodonite, calcite, garnet, manganophyllite and pyrophanite. Later small needlelike crystals associated with rhodonite and axinite from Franklin Furnace were investigated by Esper S. Larsen and Earl V. Shannon2 who showed that these crystals were identical with the Swedish ganophyllite. This mineral had previously been listed as occurring at Franklin Furnace by Charles… Expand
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