Gangliosides induce selective modulation of CD4 from helper T lymphocytes.

  title={Gangliosides induce selective modulation of CD4 from helper T lymphocytes.},
  author={Halina Offner and Torsten Thieme and Arthur A. Vandenbark},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={139 10},
The cluster designation (CD)4 molecule is one of several nonpolymorphic T lymphocyte surface proteins that have been implicated in T cell-target cell interactions, and is thought to play an important role in regulating T helper cell function. Previously, we found that gangliosides inhibited the function of rat T helper cell lines, and simultaneously inhibited the expression of the rat CD4 molecule identified by the W3/25 antibody. We have now evaluated the generality and mechanism(s) of… CONTINUE READING
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