Gangliosides in neuroblastomas.

  title={Gangliosides in neuroblastomas.},
  author={C L Schengrund and Stephen J. Shochat},
  journal={Neurochemical pathology},
  volume={8 3},
Neuroblastomas from children presenting with tumors at various ages and different primary sites (abdominal, adrenals, pelvic, and thoracic) were studied. Analysis of the ganglioside patterns of 53 tumors indicated that patients who were either disease positive 2 yr following surgery or dead of disease, had significantly (p less than 0.005) less GT1b plus GD1b than tumors from patients that were disease free 2 yr post surgery. The presence of GD2 in 45 of the tumors correlates well with the… CONTINUE READING

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