Ganglioglioma arising from dysplastic cortex.

  title={Ganglioglioma arising from dysplastic cortex.},
  author={Xilma R. Ortiz-Gonzalez and Sriram Venneti and Jaclyn A Biegel and Lucy Balian Rorke-Adams and Brenda E. Porter},
  volume={52 9},
We report the case of a child who presented at 3 months of age with complex partial seizures, a linear facial nevus, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showing delayed myelination and thickened cortex in the left temporal, parietal, and occipital regions. A repeat 3Tesla MRI scan with and without contrast at 6 months again showed cortical dysplasia of the left hemisphere. No other abnormalities were seen. A third scan at 3 years 6 months showed a 2.5 cm, round, hyperintense lesion on both T(2… CONTINUE READING
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