Gamow-Teller strength in the region of 100Sn.

  title={Gamow-Teller strength in the region of 100Sn.},
  author={E B Brown and Rykaczewski},
  journal={Physical review. C, Nuclear physics},
  volume={50 5},
New calculations are presented for Gamow-Teller beta decay of nuclei near 100 Sn. Essentially all of the 100 Sn Gamow-Teller decay strength is predicted to go to a single state at an excitation energy of 1.8 MeV in 100 In. The first calculations are presented for the decays of neighboring odd-even and odd-odd nuclei which show, in contrast to 100 Sn, surprisingly complex and broad Gamow-Teller strength distributions. The results are compared to existing experimental data and the resulting… CONTINUE READING

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