Gammaridean Amphipoda of Australia, Part II

  title={Gammaridean Amphipoda of Australia, Part II},
  author={J. Barnard},
Barnard, J. Laurens, and Margaret M. Drummond. Gammaridean Amphipoda of Australia, Part IV. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, number 269, 69 pages, 38 figures, 1979.—Five Australian species (four of them new) in four genera of the new family Platyischnopidae and seven Australian new species of Urothoides, a genus of Urothoidae, are described. Two non-Australian species formerly assigned \o Platyischnopus (Platyischnopidae) are placed in a new genus, Indischnopus. Three of the four… Expand
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