Gamma-tocotrienol, a tocol antioxidant as a potent radioprotector.

  title={Gamma-tocotrienol, a tocol antioxidant as a potent radioprotector.},
  author={Sanchita P. Ghosh and Shilpa S Kulkarni and Kevin Hieber and Raymond E Toles and Lyudmila Romanyukha and T C Kao and Martin Hauer-Jensen and Kavitha S Kumar},
  journal={International journal of radiation biology},
  volume={85 7},
PURPOSE To assess the radioprotective potential of gamma-tocotrienol. MATERIALS AND METHODS To optimise its dose and time regimen, gamma-tocotrienol (GT3) was injected subcutaneously (SC) at different doses into male CD2F1 mice [LD(50/30) (lethal radiation dose that results in the mortality of 50% mice in 30 days) radiation dose of 8.6 Gy with vehicle… CONTINUE READING