Gamma-ray measurements of naturally occurring radioactive samples from cyprus characteristic geological rocks

  title={Gamma-ray measurements of naturally occurring radioactive samples from cyprus characteristic geological rocks},
  author={M. Tzortzis and H. Tsertos and S. Christofides and G. Christodoulides},
  journal={Radiation Measurements},
Abstract Using high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, the terrestrial gamma radiation in all the predominant types of geological rock formations appearing in Cyprus was measured. Soil samples were collected from each rock type, sealed in 1 l plastic Marinelli beakers, and measured in the laboratory for 24 h each. From the measured gamma-ray spectra, activity concentrations were determined for 232 Th (range from 1.3 to 52.8 Bq kg −1 ), 238 U (from 0.9 to 90.3 Bq kg −1 ) and 40 K (from 13 to 894… Expand
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The gamma radiation in samples of a variety of natural tiling rocks (granites) imported in Cyprus for use in the building industry was measured, employing high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, finding that 25 samples meet the exemption dose limit, two meet the upper dose limit and only one clearly exceeds this limit. Expand
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Indoor radon (222Rn) concentration measurements in Cyprus using high-sensitivity portable detectors.
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