Gamma-ray detection from gravitino dark matter decay in the μνSSM


The μνSSM provides a solution to the μ-problem of the MSSM and explains the origin of neutrino masses by simply using right-handed neutrino superfields. Given that R-parity is broken in this model, the gravitino is a natural candidate for dark matter since its lifetime becomes much longer than the age of the Universe. We consider the implications of gravitino dark matter in the μνSSM, analyzing in particular the prospects for detecting gamma rays from decaying gravitinos. If the gravitino explains the whole dark matter component, a gravitino mass larger than 20GeV is disfavored by the isotropic diffuse photon background measurements. On the other hand, a gravitino with a mass range between 0.1−20 GeV may give rise to a signal that can be observed by the FERMI satellite. In this way important regions of the parameter space of the μνSSM can be checked.

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