Gamma-Ray Observation of the Cygnus Region in the 100-TeV Energy Region.

  title={Gamma-Ray Observation of the Cygnus Region in the 100-TeV Energy Region.},
  author={Michihiro Amenomori and Y W Bao and X. J. Bi and D Chen and T L Chen and W. Y. Chen and Xu Chen and Y Chen and Cirennima and S W Cui and Danzengluobu and L K Ding and J H Fang and K. Fang and C F Feng and Zhaoyang Feng and Z Y Feng and Qi Gao and Ayako Gomi and Quan-bu Gou and Y Q Guo and Y Y Guo and H H He and Z T He and K. Hibino and Norifumi Hotta and Haibing Hu and H B Hu and J Huang and H Y Jia and L Jiang and P Jiang and H B Jin and K. Kasahara and Yusaku Katayose and Chihiro Kato and S. Kato and K. Kawata and M. Kozai and D. Kurashige and Labaciren and Guiming Le and A. F. Li and H J Li and W J Li and Y Li and Y. H. Lin and B Liu and C Liu and J S Liu and L Y Liu and M Y Liu and W. M. Liu and X L Liu and Yi Lou and H Lu and X R Meng and Kazuoki Munakata and H. Nakada and Y Nakamura and Y. Nakazawa and Hirotada Nanjo and C. C. Ning and Mitsuhiro Yokota Nishizawa and Munehiro Ohnishi and T. Ohura and S Okukawa and Shunsuke Ozawa and L Qian and X Qian and X L Qian and Xiao-bo Qu and T Saito and M. Sakata and T. K. Sako and T. K. Sako and J Shao and M. Shibata and Atsushi Shiomi and Hidehiko Sugimoto and Wataru Takano and Masatoshi Takita and Y H Tan and N. Tateyama and Shoji Torii and Harufumi Tsuchiya and Sunday O. Udo and H Wang and Y P Wang and Wangdui and H R Wu and Q Wu and J. L. Xu and L Xue and Y Yamamoto and Z Yang and Y. Yao and J Yin and Yuji Yokoe and N P Yu and A. F. Yuan and Liuming Zhai and C. P. Zhang and H M Zhang and J L Zhang and X Zhang and X Y Zhang and Y Zhang and Yi Zhang and Ying Zhang and S P Zhao and Zhaxisangzhu and X. X. Zhou},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={127 3},
  • M. Amenomori, Y W Bao, +110 authors X. Zhou
  • Published 2 July 2021
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Physical review letters
We report observations of gamma-ray emissions with energies in the 100-TeV energy region from the Cygnus region in our Galaxy. Two sources are significantly detected in the directions of the Cygnus OB1 and OB2 associations. Based on their positional coincidences, we associate one with a pulsar PSR J2032+4127 and the other mainly with a pulsar wind nebula PWN G75.2+0.1, with the pulsar moving away from its original birthplace situated around the centroid of the observed gamma-ray emission. This… Expand
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