Gamma-Ray-Driven Photovoltaic Cells via a Scintillator Interface

  title={Gamma-Ray-Driven Photovoltaic Cells via a Scintillator Interface},
  author={J. K. Liakos},
  journal={Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology},
  pages={1428 - 1436}
  • J. K. Liakos
  • Published 2011
  • Materials Science
  • Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
A new theoretical model of gamma ray photovoltaic cells is presented with calculations of efficiency η, open circuit voltage V∞, and maximum output power P0max. The model incorporates a scintillator interfaced between the high-energy nuclear isomer and the semiconductor materials of the photovoltaic cell. High-energy γ-photons, E γ1 = 1:333 MeV and E γ2 = 1:173 MeV, emanate from nuclear isomers Nickel-60m1/m2 of Nickel-60 in Cobalt-60 decay. The scintillator converts the γ-photons into large… Expand