Gamified Lecture Courses Improve Student Evaluations but Not Exam Scores


Gamified lecture courses are defined as lecture courses formatted as games, for the purposes of this research. This paper presents an example of a traditional instructionbased lecture course that was redesigned using a game-like design. First, confrontations specific to gaming situations were considered, to derive goals for students in a classroom. Students fought using a game system in these experiments. The teacher acted as a game administrator and controlled all the game materials. He also became an interface between the game system and students. Redesigned lecture courses were compared with traditional instruction-based lecture courses for their effects on relieving student dissatisfaction with the classroom. The achievement levels of students showed no improvement in the gamified design compared to the traditional instruction-based format.

DOI: 10.3389/fict.2017.00005

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@article{Nakada2017GamifiedLC, title={Gamified Lecture Courses Improve Student Evaluations but Not Exam Scores}, author={Toyohisa Nakada}, journal={Front. ICT}, year={2017}, volume={2017} }