Gamified Android Based Academic Information System.

  title={Gamified Android Based Academic Information System.},
  author={Henry Setiana and Seng Hansun},
  journal={International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education},
  • Henry Setiana, S. Hansun
  • Published 1 June 2017
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education
Student is often lazy when it comes to studying, and how to motivate student was one of the problem in the educational world. [...] Key Method Gamification itself is a process with the purpose of changing non-game context into a more interesting application by integrating game thinking, game design, and game mechanics. From the evaluation result, it is concluded that the application has been successfully built and the gamification method has been successfully implemented to improve student’s interest and the…Expand
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Use of Gamification in Indonesian for Non-Native Speakers (BIPA)
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Social Business Transformation through Gamification
  • J. Maan
  • Computer Science, Business
  • ArXiv
  • 2013
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Assessing the effects of gamification in the classroom: A longitudinal study on intrinsic motivation, social comparison, satisfaction, effort, and academic performance
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Gamification. using game-design elements in non-gaming contexts
This workshop brings together practitioners and researchers to develop a shared understanding of existing approaches and findings around the gamification of information systems, and identify key synergies, opportunities, and questions for future research. Expand
Does Gamification Work? -- A Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Gamification
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Demographic differences in perceived benefits from gamification
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