Games and Weak-Head Reduction for Classical PCF

  title={Games and Weak-Head Reduction for Classical PCF},
  author={Hugo Herbelin},
We present a game model for classical PCF, a finite version of PCF extended by a catch/throw mechanism. This model is build from E-dialogues, a kind of two-players game defined by Lorenzen. In the E-dialogues for classical PCF, the strategies of the first player are isomorphic to the Bhohm trees of the language. 
Abstract machines for dialogue games
This paper revisits the notion of abstract Boehm tree, providing more syntactic support and more examples (like call-by-value evaluation) illustrating the generality of the underlying computing device.
A JM's games model is a model of classical Linear Logic.
A subcategory of saturated strategies, closed under all possible codings in copy games, is shown to model reduction in classical Linear Logic.
Believe it or not, AJM's games model is a model of classical linear logic
A subcategory of saturated strategies, closed under all possible codings in copy games, is shown to model reduction in classical linear logic.
Game semantics for first-order logic
A Church style extension of Parigot's lambda-mu-calculus is used to represent proofs of first-order classical logic and some relations with Krivine's classical realizability and applications to type isomorphisms are presented.
Notes on game semantics
Applications of game semantics to model-checking and abstract interpretation are being developed, which opens the way for connecting the uses of games in semantics and in verification.
The Anatomy of Innocence
A direct definability theorem of general innocent strategies is proved with respect to a simply typed language of extended Bohm trees, which gives an operational meaning to rigidity in call-byname.
A semantic analysis of control
This thesis examines the use of denotational semantics to reason about control flow in sequential, basically functional languages, and establishes decidability of observational equivalence for finitary PCF, contrasting with the undecidable of the analogous relation in pure PCF.
On Classical PCF, Linear Logic and the MIX Rule
A refinement of the relational model of classical PCF in which programs of type integer are single valued is proposed, and this model rejects the MIX syntactical constructs (and the Mix rule of Linear Logic).
The Anatomy of Innocence Revisited
Improved factorization results for bracketing and rigidity that can be combined in any order are presented and Hyland-Ong game semantics is refined.
On the Unity of Logic: a Sequential, Unpolarized Approach
The vision is that there must be mathematically precise concepts of linear refinement and intuitionistic restriction of logic such that the linear refinement of classical logic (CL) coincides with (classical) linear logic (LL), and its intuitionistic restrictions with the linear refine of intuitionistic logic (IL) into intuitionistic LL (ILL).


Game semantics and abstract machines
There is a simple and natural embedding of AJM-games to HO-games, mapping strategies to strategies and reducing AJM definability (or full abstraction) property to HO's one.
Lambda-Mu-Calculus: An Algorithmic Interpretation of Classical Natural Deduction
This paper presents a way of extending the paradigm "proofs as programs" to classical proofs, which can be seen as a simple extension of intuitionistic natural deduction, whose algorithmic interpretation is very well known.
Explicit substitutions
The λ&sgr;-calculus is a refinement of the λ-calculus where substitutions are manipulated explicitly. The λ&sgr;-calculus provides a setting for studying the theory of substitutions, with pleasant
A semantic view of classical proofs: type-theoretic, categorical, and denotational characterizations
  • C. Ong
  • Philosophy
    Proceedings 11th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
  • 1996
This extended abstract outlines a semantic theory of classical proofs based on a variant of Parigot's /spl lambda//spl mu/-calculus, but presented here as a type theory.
On the Original Gentzen Consistency Proof for Number Theory
A semantics of evidence for classical arithmetic
If it is difficult to give the exact significance of consistency proofs from a classical point of view, in particular the proofs of Gentzen [2, 6], and Novikoff [14], the motivations of these proofs
Functional back-ends within the lambda-sigma calculus
It is claimed thatlambda;σw could be the archetypal output language of functional compilers, just as the λ-calculus is their universal input language and the adequate theory to establish the correctness of simplifiedfunctional compilers.
Séquents qu'on calcule: de l'interprétation du calcul des séquents comme calcul de lambda-termes et comme calcul de stratégies gagnantes. (Computing with sequents: on the interpretation of sequent calculus as a calculus of lambda-terms and as a calculus of winning strategies)
La theorie des jeux constitue le support de the deuxieme interpretation: les preuves des calculs des sequents sont vues comme des strategies gagnantes pour certains types of jeux a deux joueurs (dialogues) se disputant la validite de the formule prouvee.
Extension de l'isomorphisme de curry-howard au traitement des exceptions (application d'une etude de la dualite en logique intuitionniste)
Nous proposons un systeme pour typer le traitement des exceptions dans les langages fonctionnels. Ce systeme est obtenu en exploitant l'isomorphisme de curry-howard, a partir de la logique
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